"SKM SECURITY" Ltd. - With care for you!


"SKM SECURITY" Ltd. - With care for you!

SKM SECURITYLtd. is licensed for security activities under the control of Regional Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We offer armed and unarmed physical security of professionally trained offices, including former Ministry of Internal Affairs employees for government and municipal facilities, private estates, agricultural properties, offices and etc.

Our team develops guarding plans, marks crisis situations and makes instructions on the duties of the security staff, according to the risk assessment.

Every plan is made accordingly to the requirements of the “Private Security Law”(PSL).

By choosing SKM SECURITY Ltd. for your partner you will receive professional performance of official duties, privacy and loyalty.


Aliosha Stefanov – Security Guard

mobile: +359 887 844 888

е-mail: aliosha.stefanov@skmgroup.eu